Mainland Sports Association (M.S.A.) is a community based, non-profit organization founded to assist young student-athletes by helping them to build character using basketball to promote academic interest and athletic skills.


M.S.A. aims to support and empower young student-athletes using experienced coaches who are committed to creating innovative programming and utilizing challenging techniques to help students develop character, teamwork, and leadership trait.

  • M.S.A. creates a structured learning environment focused on fundamental development with the vision of achieving excellence in every aspect of life by promoting hard work, self-discipline, commitment, and accountability.

  • Through sport-specific instruction, measured improvement drills, activities, and events, M.S.A. motivates young student-athletes to compete with confidence, intensity, and sportsmanship.

We are dedicated to building well-rounded individuals and players who value respect and integrity.

“M.S.A.’s program has helped to expand my overall basketball IQ, as well as improve and develop my skills. Upon graduation I used instruction and knowledge learned as an participant of earlier M.B.A. camps and events to help my transition to college basketball at Ashiya University, Kobe, Japan.”
— John Ayers Jr.


Mainland Basketball Association (M.B.A.) is a non-profit organization co-founded by Coach Dewayne Piggé and Coach John “Doc” Mayes. M.B.A. was established in 2009 at Kadena Air Base, located in Okinawa, Japan. Coach Piggé, along with his friend and long time mentor Coach Mayes, identified a need to expose overseas junior and high school student-athletes to educational opportunities through sports participation. Since conception, M.B.A. has partnered with C.A.E.O.S. Foundation Inc. (http://www.caeosfoundation.org/), another non-profit organization dedicated to help improve skill development through instruction, mentorship, and exposure to various levels of competition, which is not easily obtained while living overseas on military bases/installations.

In 2011, M.B.A. relocated to Iwakuni, Japan, where Coach Piggé continued the organization’s community based vision. Coach Piggé’s faith, tireless dedication, and establishment of key relationships have been the backbone to M.B.A.'s success. M.B.A.’s greatest achievement has been their ability to program, plan, and fund M.B.A.'s annual spring break Basketball Camps held at Yokota Air Base in 2011 and 2012. M.B.A. has successfully hosted over 110 junior and high school student-athletes from all over Japan and the South Pacific. M.B.A. and C.A.E.O.S.'s collaboration has made it possible for the camps to successfully bring coaches from across the U.S., offering a ratio of one collegiate level coach to every ten participants. Each coach brought their own perspective and provided valuable mentorship to the attending participants. As a result of these camps student-athletes were able to gain valuable knowledge, skill development, and showcase their skill level. In fact, two student-athletic scholarships were awarded in 2012 to U.S. universities.

In 2016, M.B.A. officially restructured the organization resulting in a permanent name change; Mainland Sports Association (M.S.A.). M.S.A. is dedicated to continuing to encourage student-athletes to strive for academic excellence while providing opportunities to broaden their skill sets and knowledge of the game through exposure and preparation of next level of competition in multiple sports. Looking to the future, Coach Piggé envisions M.S.A. expanding to other countries, including the U.S. and continued outreach for overseas student-athletes across the globe.